Casket of Fays Issues

All issues of the Casket of Fays are available free from Red Ruin Publishing's page. See the summaries below, and click/tap the images to download.

Issue 01 — Summer 2020

Issue 1

Inside the first issue of the Casket, you will find such treasures as:

Issue 02 — Autumn 2020

Issue 2

Released in time for Hallowe'en, issue 2 is full of chilling terrors that plague the Lands of Legend:

Issue 03 — Winter 2020

Issue 3

Within this wintry issue of the Casket, you will find:

Issue 04 — Spring 2021

Issue 4

The casket continues to grow in size, and amongst this issue's 36 pages are such delights as:

Read what Dave Morris has to say about this issue of the Casket of Fays on his blog.

Issue 05 — Winter 2021

Issue 5

The fifth issue of the Casket of Fays fanzine is another bumper issue of delights and darksome things to enhance your Dragon Warriors game, with glorious offerings as:

Issue 06 — Spring 2022

Issue 6

The most ambitious issue yet, within is a whole new mini setting for the Lands of Legend, the Gloaming Moor! Packed with plenty to fire the imagination, including new villages, encounters, rumours, and demonic denizens and the games they play. Additionally, there's still room for some other chilling content for your Dragon Warriors games:

Issue 07 — Autumn 2022

Issue 7

A casket of delights to brighten the drawing in of these autumnal nights. Magic, monsters, adventure, and inspiration for your Dragon Warriors game. Whatever you are looking for, you'll find it in this issue of the Casket of Fays:

Issue 08 — Winter 2023

Issue 8

Bubbling out of the primordial slime comes the eighth issue of Casket of Fays, the loftily titled Ultimate Dragon Warriors Zine, bringing inspiration to the surface of one's imagination.

Issue 09 — Spring 2023

Issue 9

Poisons and places — and more besides — for your reading pleasure.

Issue 10 — Summer 2023

Issue 10

While this issue of the Casket was being compiled, Russ Nicholson died. We wanted to celebrate his life and work, so lead this issue both with a cover by the great man himself and a heartfelt tribute by Dave Morris. The issue continues with:

Issue 11 — Autumn 2023

Issue 11

This magical trove of Dragon Warriors delights continues to spill its secrets in its eleventh issue:

Issue 12 — TBD

Issue 12